Patch Notes 1220


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 12/20/2023 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance. 

The Kalevala Expanse
Region Briefing
After a long period of hard work, CONCORD and the trailblazers have completed the initial exploration of The Kalevala Expanse, and the information is now made available to all capsuleers.
The Kalevala Expanse region is composed of 10 constellations, with a total of 69 systems, all of which are assessed below a security level of 0.
This region is controlled by "Wasteseeker Drones", with a large number of "Wasteseeker Centrum", Wasteseeker Encampments, and undiscovered relics distributed throughout the region.
Capsuleers can use Spatial Rift Filaments to construct routes to enter or leave The Kalevala Expanse.

Constellation Distribution
The Stargates leading to the outside regions from The Kalevala Expanse have been cut off, the systems within the region are not fully connected, and can be roughly divided into western constellations, southern constellations, and northern constellations, a total of 3 areas.
Western constellations include: 3NA-Z1, P-B2NE, 8UD2-J. The main enemies are small Wasteseeker fleets.
Southern constellations include: 2O-VY7, U-HSM3, XPG-HE. Medium and small Wasteseeker fleets are quite common.
The four constellations other than the aforementioned six are the northern constellations, with various enemy fleets and the most dangerous.

Structure Info
Due to the unique environment of the system, The Kalevala Expanse is currently completely controlled by Wasteseeker Drones, the trailblazers have not established a station, and capsuleers cannot anchor any structures.

System Broadcast
The Kalevala Expanse does not have a broadcast management center, so it is impossible to view online capsuleers, and the local population is displayed as ?.
Capsuleers cannot obtain standings, they can only recognize fleet members and contacts, all other individuals will not display standings.
Capsuleers may choose to broadcast their own local messages so that other capsuleers in the current system can receive them, but doing so will reveal their own presence.

Ore Resources
The Kalevala Expanse shares a similar ore distribution to that of the Asteroid Belt in Cobalt Edge, with gas cloud C70 being a currently popular resource.

Planetary Resources
The planetary resources of The Kalevala Expanse do not significantly differ from those found in other regions within New Eden.
Due to the high difficulty of leaving the region and the inability to anchor structures, this region is currently unsuitable as a regular location for Planetary Resources Harvesting.

Wasteseeker Centrum
The Kalevala Expanse is a heartland region for Wasteseeker Drones, with the complex site of the "Wasteseeker Centrum" present in every system.
Each Centrum consists of several sectors, which are linked by Acceleration Gates. Use the gates by defeating the enemies.
The main enemies in the sector are Elite Advanced Wasteseeker Drones, defeating them can yield a variety of materials and items.
After defeating the enemies in certain sectors, some unanalyzed Relics will become accessible, allowing capsuleers to obtain blueprints, materials, and other valuable loot from there.

Spatial Rift Filaments
To monitor the movements of the Wasteseeker Drones, CONCORD and corporations such as ORE have jointly launched the "Drone Program". Through the use of excessive data analysis simulation, new "Expedition" and "Homeward" Spatial Rift Filaments have been introduced, allowing direct entry or exit from The Kalevala Expanse.

"Expedition" Spatial Rift Filament
The first series of "Expedition" Spatial Rift Filaments includes five models to meet different combat requirements.
Small "Expedition-4" Spatial Rift Filament, supports 4 small SHIPS, and leads to a random system in the western Constellation of The Kalevala Expanse.
Medium "Expedition-4" Spatial Rift Filament, supports 4 medium or small SHIPS, and leads to the southern Constellation.
Large "Expedition-4" Spatial Rift Filament, supports 4 battleships or SHIPS of lower tonnage, and leads to the northern Constellation.
Large "Expedition-1" Spatial Rift Filament II, improved from the 'Basic' model, available in limited quantities, only suitable for 1 battleship or SHIPS of lower tonnage, can break through the environmental restrictions of the southern Constellation, and can lead to a random system in the southern or northern Constellation.
Large "Expedition-1" Spatial Rift Filament III, with stronger breakthrough ability, can lead to a random system within The Kalevala Expanse, and is the hardest to obtain.
Due to the environmental effects and technological limitations of The Kalevala Expanse region, the "Expedition" Spatial Rift Filaments can only be used when no other cargo is loaded in the ship's cargo hold.
How to Obtain 1: Obtained by destroying any Wasteseeker Drone in the Cobalt Edge or The Kalevala Expanse
How to Obtain 2: Obtained by scanning any Relics
How to Obtain 3: Obtain from Inquisitor and 'Scout' Cosmic Anomaly
How to Obtain (Limited Time): Purchased with ISK in the Store

"Homeward" Spatial Rift Filament
Specifically designed for the special environment of The Kalevala Expanse and massively deployed in this region, it can directly return to a random system within the major empires after use, and can only be used in this region.
"Homeward-1" Spatial Rift Filament, in order to break through environmental restrictions, it can stably construct a route around a star, which takes a long time.
"Homeward-1" Spatial Rift Filament II, under certain environmental conditions within the "Wasteseeker Centrum", the route can be quickly completed. Using it around stars takes longer time.
How to Obtain 1: Obtained by destroying Wasteseeker Drones in The Kalevala Expanse.
How to Obtain 2: Obtained from the Loot Crate in the Wasteseeker Centrum.
Tips: This type of Spatial Rift Filament cannot be traded and cannot be reprocessed for the time being.

New Content
Capital Stasis Grappler
A mid-slot module that gradually reduces the flight velocity of the target ship. The closer the distance to the target, the faster the velocity decrease stacks; the more times it is used, the stronger the velocity decrease effect.
After being out of the capture range for a while, the flight velocity will restore to normal.
Due to its high power consumption, it can only be fitted to capital ships, and each ship can only install one of them.
How to obtain: Obtain the blueprint through Capital Ship Rifts and Capital Ship Proving Grounds and manufacture it

Star Beat Nanocore Appearance Update
We will launch the second batch of updates for the Star Beat Nanocores and their corresponding SKINs
This update involves all ships and SKINs related to Star Beat, and the illustrations and colors have been adjusted for more vividness
Notes and compensation mail will be sent after the maintenance

Balance Update
Focused Crystal, Durability Consumption +0.24
Pulse Crystal, Durability Consumption +0.06; Reverse Power, Durability Consumption +0.06
High Power Coil, Durability Consumption +0.03
Thermal Circulation, Durability Consumption +0.06
Barrage Repression, new effect added to Repression Mode: Tracking Speed +12.5%
Sniping Technology, the initial effect is adjusted to +2.5% range, damage, and tracking speed per level; Fatal Blow will increase the damage bonus to 7.5%, and Remote Tracking will increase the range and tracking speed bonus to 7.5%
Artillery Cover, the penalty for the shooting interval is reduced from 70% to 60%; when actively activated, it no longer reduces damage and shooting interval, adjusted to -25% range.
Support Projection, the duration of Inflight Retardant and Inflight Disruption increased from 10s to 15s, the damage coefficient of ECM Warhead increased from -30% to -25%, the damage coefficient of EMP Warhead increased from -37.5% to -32.5%
Tactical Missile, maximum damage increased from 40% to 50%
Bombard Tactics, Durability Consumption +0.24
Automatic Defense, Micro Scrambling new effect: Inertia Modifier +30%; Missile Disruption new effect: Explosion Radius +15%; Tracking Disruption new effect: Range -15%.
Remote Armor, Nano Repair, and Engineering Adjustment are now effective on Logistic Drones as well; the description of Nano Repair has been optimized, and the repair effect will be improved when all Armor Repairers and drones complete a round of repairs (mechanism not adjusted).
Mining Enhancement, the activation time for emergency enhancement has been increased from 30 seconds to 40 seconds.
Astero, Stratios, Nestor, new Bonus: Spatial Rift Route Construction Time -25%.
Added Capital Class Stasis Grappler Blueprint to the Loot Crate in the Capital Ship rift and Capital Ship test field.
The Capacitor Consumption for constructing a Spatial Rift route has been reduced from 95% to 75%.
Structures within the Corporation battlefield have been adjusted to be non-repairable.

Advanced Implant Unit
With the deepening of Implant research, the Research & Development department has launched advanced units suitable for specific types of Implants. Installing these units can further enhance Implant performance.
In the first phase, 16 advanced implant units are launched, with the highest version being 5.0. The higher the version, the better the effect, and the more Noble.
Introduction to the effects of some units:
Focused Crystal Stability Enhancement: Improve Laser Tracking Speed, extend the duration of the focused state, preserve a certain amount of focused energy when missing, and reduce dissipation.
Barrage Repression Reload Enhancement: Reduce the Reload Time of Rapid-firing Ammo and the Restart Time of Suppressive Fire. There is a chance to complete continuous reloading when launching Suppressive Fire, loading more ammo than usual.
Tactical Missile Jamming Enhancement: Reduce the Restart Time of Tactical Missiles, increase the Warp Scramble Strength of Tactical Missiles, improve Warp stability of SHIPS, and increase the bonus to Weapon Disruption Resistance of precise guidance.
Mining Enhancement, Mining Enhancement: Increase the Mining Amount Bonus when activating Mining Enhancement, increase the range bonus of stable mining, and enhance the effect of the Activation Time Bonus when fully operational.
The effects of other units can be referred to the in-game Market Interface.
How to Obtain 1: Obtained from Loot Crate in the Wasteseeker Centrum.
How to Obtain 2: Upgraded to a higher version through Reverse Engineering using lower version units.
How to Obtain (Event): Purchased with ISK or AUR in the Store.

Implant Unit Reprocess
With the deepening of implant research, it is now possible to reprocess General Units into Materials.
These materials can be used for reverse engineering and manufacture of new implants or units. Note that General Units 10.0 and Advanced Units 5.0 cannot be reprocessed.

New Event
Ego Traverse
Unknown pirate organizations have once again challenged CONCORD, and the Ego Traverse Mode returns.
Opening Time: December 20, 2023, 8:00 - January 31, 2024, 0:00 (UTC+0)

New Arrivals
Shelf Time: December 20, 2023, 8:00 - January 10, 2024, 8:00 (UTC+0)
The new Advanced Unit Lucky Draw Box arrives, where the new v3.0 Advanced Units can be obtained.
The Voyage series Nanocore and Yoiul Festival SKIN are back for a limited time.
The Voyage series Nanocore offers a special "EM Eject" mode for Versatile Assault Ships, which allows Drones, Fighters, and Lightweight Ships nearby to achieve greater acceleration in a short time.
Other ships will gain a "Micro Eject" mode upon fitting the Voyage Nanocore, allowing them to achieve greater acceleration in a short time and temporary immunity to Stasis Webifier.
Once the event has started, capsuleers can check and purchase the bundle in Store -> Bestseller Combo -> Hot Selection.

Navigator Program
Event Duration: December 20, 2023 8:00 to January 8, 2024 8:00 (UTC+0)
The Navigator program is now available again. Recharge 499 AUR to unlock a new round of monthly Skill Points Supply. You will get additional rebates after recharging a certain number of AUR. See the in-game rules for details.
Premium Navigator Program: After unlocking the Navigator Program, capsuleers can spend another 499 AUR to unlock the Premium Navigator Program and claim double Skill Points every day

Nanocore Update
Some old series cores can now be upgraded to AI Core. (Including Neon Gas, Blue-and-White Porcelain series, etc.)

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record. 
Optimized the hint that the Covert Cynosural Field Generator cannot be used after decloaking.
Optimized the display arrangement of the Implant interface.
During the construction of the Spatial Rift Route, the progress will be displayed around the route.
During the construction of the Spatial Rift Route, entering a station or bastion will also cancel registration.
The Fleet now offers a Quick Disband feature.
The Fleet can now pin bulletins to the top.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue where the CyanSea could not enter High-Sec when using the Sun Chaser Navigation System.
Fixed the lighting effect issue with some Neon Rain Core capital ships.
Fixed the issue where the Full Salvo skill of the Artillery Cover Implant could potentially cause less damage.
Fixed the issue where the High Power Coil Implant could potentially gain more than 10 points of power per attack.

The Scope