Upcming Insurance Update


Dear Pilots,

In order to improve the game experience, reduce the losses caused by destroyed advanced ships, and to stimulate market demand, we have decided to introduce the following plan in the next couple of weeks.


1. Dynamic Insurance Discount

Default: The insurance discount is 30% for regular ships and 80% for capital ships

When a pilot's ship is damaged and requires a claim, the insurance company will adjust the pricing dynamically based on the claim history of that particular model.

(Apocalypse and Raven are considered as two different models).


1.1 Ship Claims

The ship insurance price differs based on the player’s claim record:

If there have been claims for the ship this month (natural month), the insurance cost will be increased by 10% for each claim, that is,

Regular Ship Insurance Cost = 30% + No. of Claim This Month x 10%, up to 100%

Capital Ship Insurance Cost = 80% + No. of Claim This Month x 10%, up to 100%

On the other hand, if there is no claim for the ship this month, it will check whether there was a claim for the last month (natural month) and earlier (starting from January 2024). The ship insurance cost will be decreased by 10% for every whole month with no claim, that is,

Regular Ship Insurance Cost = 30% - No. of Months Without Claim x 10%, down to 20%

Capital Ship Insurance Cost = 80% + No. of Months Without Claim x 10%, down to 50%

When a bug occurs, and the ship is destroyed because of it, the compensation from customer service does not count towards the number of claims.


1.2 Other Claims

The following three claims are counted: the number of module claims this month, the number of rig claims this month, and the number of core claims this month (reset on the 1st of every month).

The starting values are all 30%.

If any KM modules have been claimed for this month (natural month), the module insurance cost will be increased by 10% for each claim, up to 100%. Similarly, if a claim has been made for any rig and core, the rig and core insurance cost will also be increased by 10% for each claim, up to 100%.

If no claims have been made before, the cost will be 30%, and there will be no reduction to it.


1.3 Deposit Insurance Points

The Deposit Insurance Points -20% Offer will be removed.


1.4 Claim Expiration Time

The expiration time has been adjusted from 2 month to 6 months. Players can wait 1-3 months for the ship’s insurance to drop to 20/50% before making a claim.


2. Material Valuation Optimization

With the improvement of players' productivity, the material efficiency is now generally below 90%. The production department of the insurance company and the partner companies have also enhanced their technological capabilities.

The material efficiency in calculating ship valuation is now fixed at 100% (previously ranged from 100% to 115%).

For all ships that have not been traded on the market, their prices will be reduced by approximately 10% when valued based on materials.

The exact percentage of reduction may vary depending on the proportion of different materials in each ship.


3. PVP Claim Lock

The 12-hour lock timer starts from the time the ship was destroyed, not the time of the claim.

If a PVP loss is claimed after 12 hours, there will be no time lock.

Time lock does not apply to Nanocore items.

4. Other Plans

CONCORD and the insurance company are about to relaunch the Insurance Claim event. During the event, more market orders will be generated when Capsuleers filing claims.

Please note that the insurance system will generate the corresponding item purchase orders and PLEX sell orders, based on the actual IPs spent by the Capsuleers and the valuation of PLEX in terms of IPs and ISK. The system does not create orders from nothing.

For example, a Raven purchase order will only be placed on the market if five Capsuleers have filed insurance claims for Raven ships at 20% of the price. If a Capsuleer has been filing multiple Raven insurance claims in a row, he will eventually have to file the insurance claim at 100% of the price. In other words, for each Raven ship the Capsuleer files an insurance claim for, the market will purchase one Raven ship.

Currently, the PLEX sell orders and ship purchase orders generated by the insurance company will occasionally see a drop at the same time. The primary cause for such a drop is the large number of Gift IPs currently being distributed. We are considering introducing Non-gift IPs packages that could be directly purchased with AUR, aiming to reduce the spending of PLEX for Gift IPs and encourage its use on the Omega Clone system. This would create a better Omega Clone buying experience for new Capsuleers and others.

After the event, we will further optimize the Gift IPs system. On the premise of maintaining or potentially improving Capsuleers' accessibility to IPs, we will gradually phase out Gift IPs and replace them with standard IPs, reducing their impact on the market.

Thank you all for your interest and support! We welcome suggestions on future updates to the insurance system. We invite you to partner with us in our efforts to improve the insurance and market systems, fostering a robust economy together.