FAQ Regarding Insurance Modification


[Insurance System Update] Once it was released, it attracted widespread attention and sparked lively discussions! Some pilots also raised their questions and ideas about this update.

We've summarized various discussions and feedback we've seen from pilots and posted the frequently asked ones here.


Q: Do the Raven and Raven Navy Issue count as the same model?

A: It counts as 2 different models.

Q: I like to fly Machariel, but it was destroyed 7 times this month and is at 100% now. Will it be at 30% or at 90% next month?

A: 30%.

Q: I like to use three Laser Burst Aerator rigs. Does a single claim increase it by 30%?

A: It will be increased by 10%. Regardless of how many are claimed at once and regardless of the model, it will all be counted as only one claim.

Q: I got my Apocalypse Navy Issue and CyanSea destroyed in October 2023 and have yet to file claims for them. Can I still claim to cover my loss after the insurance update? How will the IPs be calculated?

A: If it is still within 6 months and no claims have been made, you can file the claim at the new price.

Q: What does it mean by "insurance manufacture modifier is reduced to a fixed 100%"? Will this increase the cost of making a claim for my Phoenix?

A: The "insurance manufacture modifier" is used for ship valuation in the insurance system, which is something similar to the player's material efficiency when building ships. The lower the material efficiency, the lower the insurance valuation. After the update, the claim prices for all ships will drop by about 10%.

QThe monthly resets and price drops for Capital Ships seem okay, but doesn't a monthly reset feel a bit slow for regular ships? What do you think about keeping Capital Ships on a monthly reset cycle while having regular ships reset on a weekly basis?

A: For players engaged in frequent PVP who regularly lose ships, the monthly reset could be considered too "slow". We are working on additional improvement plans to address this. A weekly reset needs to be carefully considered, as the vast majority of Capsuleers do not lose ships at such a high rate. If the interval is too short, it risks further reducing the market orders of regular ship.

Q: For players who frequently engage in PVP and regularly lose their ships, the insurance costs will continue to rise over time. This could discourage PVP participation and reduce the fun for others as there is no one there for them to interact with. As these players primarily use regular ships, could the maximum insurance for regular ships be capped at 70 or 80%?

A: As with the previous question, the players most negatively impacted by new changes are those frequently engaging in PVP and regularly losing their ships. We are exploring options to increase the convenience of large-scale battles and reduce their time and resource costs, with the aim of improving the fun of large-scale battles. Lowering the maximum insurance ratio for regular ships is a solution under consideration. However, the insurance system is highly complex, requiring analysis of diverse data such as market transaction metrics, production and reclaim rates, combat logs, and more. At this point in time, we still have not reached a definite conclusion.

Q: Sometimes, a large-scale battle could last over a month. I could lose many ships in a single day, making it no longer viable to continue fighting due to the costs. Could a type of temporary insurance be introduced that players could buy during a large-scale battle, such that it would only increase by 3% or 5% every time my ship gets destroyed?

A: Thank you for the feedback. It's an interesting suggestion. We will evaluate its potential impacts and feasibility. Also, continuously participating in a large-scale battle for a month or several days can become exhausting, and we are looking into ways to make improvement in this area as well.|

Q: Is it possible for the prices of rigs and modules to be tied to the insurance ratio for ships rather than being calculated separately?

A: This was one option that was considered, but ultimately, we chose the current method of calculating them separately. Currently, aside from top-level modules and rigs, the prices for most of them are relatively low, and rigs have a reputation for being "set it and forget it". The new solution aims primarily to address the situation. As the functionality of modules and rigs continues to improve, additional improvements will be made going forward, and tying the insurance ratio to ship's may be considered again in the future.

QThe difficulty of making claims after large-scale battles has increased, and the corporation's loss replacement system needs improvement. I suggest introducing an Auto Ratio Statistics feature or Corporate IPs that let the managers file claims for their corporation members.

A: It is also one of our goals to reduce the management difficulty of corporations. Going forward we will introduce additional improvements to allow managers more time to play with members rather than being busy doing statistics.