Patch Notes 0313


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 3/13/2024 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.  

Balance Update
To improve capsuleer’s experience and enrich the gameplay strategy, we are planning to introduce a series of balance updates. For the current update, there will primarily be adjustments to skills, ships, and implants, aiming to reduce the learning and piloting costs of some advanced ships.

Shield Hardening: Adaptive Invulnerability Field duration adjusted from +15%/10%/5% to +20%/15%/15%; Reactive Shield Hardener duration adjusted from +15%/10%/5% to 0/0/-10%; Reactive Shield Hardener capacitor consumption adjusted from -15%/-10%/-5% to -25%/-20%/-20%
Armor Hardening: Adjusted in the same manner as the Shield Hardening skill
(Tips: Reactive Shield Hardener automatically adjusts its resistance with each activation. The shorter the activation time, the better)
Shield Harmonizing Theory series skills: Signature Radius penalty adjusted from -10%/-15% to -20%/-25%
Remote Shield Reinforcement Array Theory: Shield Boost bonus increased from +5% to +7.5%
Remote Shield Transmission Array Theory: Accuracy Falloff bonus increased from +10% to +15%
Armor Layering series skills: Quality penalty adjusted from -10%/-15% to -20%/-25%
Remote Armor Reinforcement Array Theory: Increased the repair amount bonus from +5% to +7.5%
Remote Armor Transmission Array Theory: Optimal Range bonus increased from +10% to +15%
Structure Missile Operation: Damage bonus increased from +20%/10%/10% to +20%/25%/30%
Structure Missiles Upgrade: Damage bonus increased from +15%/10%/10% to +20%/25%/30%, missile velocity increased from +4%/3%/3% to +10%/7.5%/7.5%, and flight time increased from +10%/5%/5% to +10%/7.5%/7.5%
Expert Damage Transfer Theory: Increased the damage transfer ratio from +5% to +7.5%
Expert Chip Manufacture: Increased the material efficiency from +5% to +10%

Skill Training
As the number of specialization skills increases, the cost of obtaining skills through the Lucky Chest will gradually increase for capsuleers. We hope to provide a more convenient way to train in skills.
How to Purchase: Open the Skill interface and purchase directly using Pass Points or ISK
Price Range: The price generally ranges from 36000~60000 Pass Points
Skills Available for Purchase: All specialization skills in the 4 Skill Lucky Chests in the CONCORD Pass Shop
Note: Expert Skills, Auto Salvage Technology, and Cognitive Neuroscience, which are not available in the CONCORD Pass Shop, cannot be purchased
In addition, after the maintenance on 1 May, the Skill Lucky Chest in the CONCORD Pass Shop will no longer be available, and any purchased Lucky Chests and Chips can still be traded or used. The jump to CONCORD Pass Shop button in the Skill interface will be hidden.

Ship Bonus Optimization
We’ve adjusted several ships with a more complicated bonus system to improve their initial combat capability for capsuleers with insufficient skill training, reducing the difficulty in understanding them. On the premise of keeping their power unchanged, we reduced the excessive dependency between skills and the ship, turning some effects into basic effects of advanced ships and modules, and reduced the skill requirements.
Versatile Assault Ship: Bonuses related to the Mothership Defense Module are now a base effect of the module and are not dependent on any skills
Versatile Assault Ship: All bonuses related to Lightweight Ship are now affected by the Lightweight Ships skill, and other bonuses are now affected by the Versatile Assault Ship Operation skill
Rorqual: Logistics Drone bonus is now affected by Capital Industrial Ships skill
Nestor: All bonuses related to drones are now affected by the Large Drone Operation skill

Ship Description Optimization
To further reduce the learning costs of capsuleers and minimize unnecessary information, we have also optimized the descriptions for ships.
"Jump drive available" is now hidden, and ships that can jump will now show information such as jump range
"Warp Acceleration" is now hidden, but it will still be applied. This is commonly seen in Angel ships
"Jump Drive warm-up time" is now hidden, as jump drives can generally be activated without preheating
"Can fit Fighter Rigs" is now hidden
"Can fit Hangar Rigs" is now hidden
"Can fit Supercarrier Cover Module" is now hidden
"Can only be fitted to some carriers" for Mothership Defense Module is now hidden
Deceleration Resistance’s text was adjusted to "Stasis Webifier Resistance". Its actual function remains unchanged. This resistance has no effect on certain deceleration effects, such as the gradual deceleration of Stasis Grappler

Capital Ships
Jump Freighter: 20,000m³ Fuel Tank added
Fenrir: Inertia Modifier -12%
Nomad: Inertia Modifier -9%
Vassago: Damage Control activation time increased from +1 second to +2 seconds
Astarte: Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer bonus increased from +10% to +15%, Stasis Webifier range bonus increased from +25% to +30%, and a new bonus: Capital Stasis Grappler accuracy falloff +10%
Villain: Stasis Webifier and Warp Disruptor range increased from +15% to +20%, and a new bonus: Capital Stasis Grappler deceleration effect bonus +1% (per activation)
Carrier: Cargo Hold Capacity increased by approximately 25%
Chimera: New bonus: Increases shield by 5% per Carrier Command level
Archon: New bonus: Increases armor by 5% per Carrier Command level
Thanatos: Increased Fighter Defense bonus from 10% to 20%
Lif: Increased the Remote Shield Booster capacitor consumption reduction from -10% to -12%
Ninazu: Increased the Remote Armor Repairer capacitor consumption reduction from -10% to -12%

Regular Ships
Scorpion II: Sensor Strength bonus increased from +5% to +7.5%
Barghest: Mid Slot +1
Orthrus: Mid Slot +1
Sunesis, Gnosis, Praxis, Praxis II: Insurance reimbursement price -8.57%
Chameleon: Medium Drone Damage and Defense increased from +225% to +250%, and a new bonus: Can be fitted with Cynosural Field Generator
Fiend: Removed the penalty to Defense Mode that increases capacitor recharge time by 20%
Saleos: Removed the penalty to Batter mode that reduces flight velocity by 20%
Adrestia:  The flight velocity and inertia modifier bonuses are now basic effects and are no longer dependent on skills; the Stasis Webifier and Warp Disruptor bonuses are now affected by the Expert Cruiser Command skill, making the transition to Vigilant more natural; New Bonus: Reduces the Warpdrive capacitor capacity penalty -10% per Expert Microwarpdrive Operation level
Venture IV: Mining amount bonus increased from +35% to +40%
Noctis: Base cargo hold capacity increased from 2,400 to 4,000
Noctis II: Base cargo hold capacity increased from 7,200 to 10,000
Navy Issue Frigates can now use all Nanocores available to the same model

Capital Emergency Hull Energizer: Base activation time increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
Mothership Defense Module: Damage transfer ratio increased from 50% to 75%, and shield and armor resistances increased from 20% to 25%
Remote and Barreled Capital Turret and Missile: Damage +10%
Capital Cruise Missile: Damage +10%
Capital Snubnosed Railguns: Damage +5%, and Tracking Speed increased from 0.51 to 0.58
Capital Autocannons: Damage +5%
Barreled Capital Torpedo Launcher: Damage +5%
Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer: Warp Speed bonus increased from +0.2~0.5 AU/s to +0.2~0.8 AU/s
Using the super weapon Burst Projector will cause a 60-second weapons timer.

High Power Coil
Ballistic Marker: Increased the bonus power per hit from 10 to 15 when activated
Power Reinforcement Unit. New Effect: Power Retrieval branch. Obtain 1~5 additional Power when triggering Power Retrieval

Thermal Circulation
Reduced the weapon’s activation time penalty upon overheating from 400% to 300%

Barrage Repression
Reload Reinforcement Unit: Increased the number of ammo reloaded from continuous loading from 2 to 3
Suppressive Fire: Velocity decrease effect increased from -25% to -30%

Sniping Technology
New Passive Bonus: Cannon Tracking Speed +24% and damage +12% (at max level)
Evasive Maneuvers. New Effect: When activated, increases Cannon Tracking Speed by 100%
Precision Reinforcement Unit: Tracking Speed increased from 2%~10% to 3%~15%; Continuous Prediction time increased from 3~15 seconds to 4~20 seconds

Artillery Cover
Ballistic Prediction: Increased tracking speed from +10% to +15%
Full Salvo. New Effect: Increases Cannon Tracking Speed by 25% and damage by 20% when activated

Warhead Charge
Ammunition Reinforcement Unit: Precision Warhead damage penalty increased from -1%~-5% to -1.5%~-7.5%

Support Projection
Inflight Retardant Warhead. Now replaced by Firepower Support Warhead: Missile damage +12% and now has a chance to increase enemy Signature Radius by +20%
Inflight Disruption Warhead. New Effect: Target Inertia Modifier +100%
Electronic Jamming Warhead: Damage penalty reduced to 20%
EMP Warhead: Damage penalty reduced to 27.5% (at max level)
Electronics Reinforcement Unit: New Effect: Ship scan resolution +3%~15%

Tactical Missile
Precision Strike: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 40 seconds
Precision Guidance: Changed its Weapon Disruption Resistance +25% to a passive effect. New Passive Effect: Missile Explosion Radius -15%
Jamming Reinforcement Unit: Jamming resistance increased from +3%~15% to +5%~25%; some units' warp stability is increased by 0.5, making it the same as the jamming strength

Bombard Tactics
Defense Reinforcement Unit: Changed its Drone EHP +25% to a passive effect, making it no longer necessary to select the Defense branch. New Passive: Drone signature radius -3%~-15%

Aerospace Tactics
Mobility Reinforcement Unit: Inertia Modifier and Flight Velocity bonus adjusted from 2%~10% to 3%~15%

Automatic Defense
New Passive: Drone Missile explosion velocity +30%, explosion radius -30%, and turret tracking speed +30% (at max level)
Micro Scrambling: Jammer Strength increased from 3 to 4
Efficiency Reinforcement Unit: Restart time and immunity time increased from -1~-5 seconds to -2~-10 seconds

Remote Shield
Flight Time Reinforcement Unit: Self-repair ratio bonus increased from 1%~5% to 2%~10%. New Effect: Ship capacitor recharge time -1%~-5%

Remote Armor
Basic resistance bonus can now work on targets with full armor
Nano Repair: Repair Effect Boost increased from 2% to 3% per cycle, and its max stack reduced from 25 to 16
Defense Reinforcement Unit: Resistance bonus increased from 1%~5% to 2%~10%, and its Repair Effect Boost increased from 0.1%~0.5% per cycle to 0.2%~1%

Mining Enhancement
Emergency Reinforcement. New Effect: Ship's Shield Resistance +25%
Mining Reinforcement Unit. New effect: Emergency Reinforcement duration increased by 4 seconds~20 seconds

Reduced the nanite consumption when manufacturing all Skill Chips by 11.11%
The number of Rigging Experiment Data required for manufacturing the 5 skills, including Expert Lightweight Ship Shooting Theory increased from 67 to 100
Damaged hull of all Force Auxiliaries can now be reprocessed

Cosmic Anomaly
Expedition series Needlejack Filaments: The weighting of the system population has been lowered, so destination systems will be more dispersed. This reduces instances of encountering large numbers of enemies immediately after using it.
Homeward series Filaments: Drop rate increased by approximately 20%
Wasteseeker Centrum: Increased the blueprint drop rate of Skill Chips by approximately 25%
Wasteseeker Centrum: Reduced the electronic warfare strength of the elite Wasteseeker enemies by 20%

Store Adjustment
To improve capsuleer’s experience and reduce the decision-making and learning cost, CONCORD has adjusted or made unavailable some items in the store:
Made unavailable the Implant Material S/L Bundle and Combatant Supplies - Novice/Advanced items from the Recommended tab
The Ship SKIN store has been temporarily closed, and all SKINS have been made unavailable
The Implant Development store has been temporarily closed, and all Neural Compilers have been made unavailable
New Item in the Recommended Tab: Ascension Neural Compiler

In addition, to reduce the impact of some items on the PLEX market and make it easier for capsuleers to purchase Omega Clones, thereby returning PLEX to its core use, we are making the following adjustments to some PLEX items.
Changed the "General Nano Source III" and "Cloud AI Learning Code Refactoring Permission III" in the Nanocore tab to be purchasable with AUR and lowered their prices
Changed the Secret Trafficking Decoding Credentials in the Underground Market tab to be purchasable with AUR, and lowered its price
For more details, please visit the Store. In the future, we will make optimization to more Store (CONCORD Pass, Scholar Point Exchange, and more) and PLEX items.

Anti-Cheat Announcement
To best protect the legitimate interests of all capsuleers, the development team has always taken a firm stance against the production, sale, and use of cheats. Recently we discovered some players were profiting by modifying the system environment and completing encounter missions, which violates the user agreement and impacts the interests of other players.
To improve game fairness, we have decided to prohibit logging into the game using rooted or jailbroken devices after the maintenance on March 20, which will take some time to implement. Please ensure that you log in using untampered devices, Capsuleers.
At the same time, the development team has taken legal action against cheat providers and developers to protect our rights and crack down on their activities. We welcome players to report any violations through in-game reporting or the customer service center and create a better gaming environment for everyone.

New Event
Skill Reset Gift
Event Duration: March 13, 2024, 08:00 - May 1, 2024, 08:00 (UTC+0)
In order to help Capsuleers train the skill(s) at will, CONCORD will distribute a gift of Lazarus Unit to capsuleers. During the event, when your Tech Level reaches the requirement, you can claim the Lazarus Unit.

Verge of Silence
Event Duration: March 13, 2024, 08:00 - March 27, 2024, 08:00 (UTC+0)
An outpost reported that the Sleepers had awakened again. Choose a way to explore the system.
Mission Introduction:
There are two mission locations: Safe System and Perilous System.
Safe System: Capsuleers cannot attack each other
Perilous System: Capsuleers can attack each other
In Safe Systems, you will complete missions like upgrading the space station and clearing the Dormant Domain.
In Perilous Systems, your mission is to retrieve data.
Capsuleers won't lose any ship modules in this mission.
Up to 10,000 Interstellar Tokens can be obtained daily.

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.  
The success rate of the Industry interface now displays at most 2 decimal places.
Simplified the description of the Salvage skill and removed any duplicate attributes shown.
Optimized the attributes description of the Capacitor Battery so that Capacitor Warfare Resistance is only valid when the battery is active (its functionality remains unchanged).

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Vassago's shield was not displayed in full.
Fixed a translation issue with the text of some buffs.
Fixed the issue where the damage bonus of the Dragon Roar mode was not applying for lightweight ships.

The Scope