Patch Notes 0327


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 3/27/2024 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.  

Etherium Reach Frontline Region
Region Briefing
After a long period of hard work, the trailblazers of the Empires have completed the initial exploration of the Etherium Reach region, and the information is now made available to all capsuleers.
The Etherium Reach Region consists of 15 Constellations, with a total of 100 Systems, all of which have a security level assessment of below 0.
The trailblazers from all major Factions and the Thukker Tribe have established Stargates from The Forge, Molden Heath, and the Great Wildlands to the Etherium Reach region.
Capsuleers can also use Spatial Rift Filaments to build routes and directly enter the Etherium Reach Region.
The Etherium Reach region is a frontline drone warfare region where frontline outposts can be anchored.

Currently, 3 Stargates have been established that lead to the Etherium Reach region. They are:
Great Wildlands: BRT-OP  C-4D0W
The Forge: Paala  LXQ2-T
Molden Heath: Skarkon  L4X-1V
Capsuleers can pilot any ship through these 3 Stargates to enter the Etherium Reach region. However, as docking is currently impossible, it is recommended not to drive capital ships, especially supercapital ones, into the region.
The Capital Jump Drive can be used for jumping within the region, but it cannot jump outside the region.

System Broadcast
Due to the environment and the influence of the Wasteseekers, broadcast management centers have not yet been established across all systems in Etherium Reach, so it is impossible to check the list of online capsuleers. The number of local capsuleers will be shown as ?.
Capsuleers may choose to broadcast their local messages so that other capsuleers in the current system can receive them, but doing so will reveal their presence.
Thanks to the smooth operation of the Stargate, the Standings System can work normally in this region.

Asteroid Belt
Similar to Cobalt Edge and The Kalevala Expanse, the Etherium Reach region has relatively rich gas reserves.
As the security level decreases, the number of asteroid belts and the content of gas clouds found will gradually increase.
Recent reports have revealed the presence of hidden Wasteseeker drones within the asteroid belt, which may attack ships during their mining operations. Capsuleers are advised to maintain a high level of vigilance when mining.

Planetary Interaction
The planetary materials in the Etherium Reach region do not have significant differences from other drone regions.

Wasteseeker Drone
Etherium Reach is also a frontline region of the Wasteseeker drones, filled with Wasteseeker Encampments, Wasteseeker Checkpoints, and ancient Relics.
This region is reported to have the relatively rare Wasteseeker Capital Checkpoints, which may yield capital ship modules, fighter blueprints, and other loot when destroyed.

Wasteseeker Striker Fleet
The trailblazers once tried to establish a station, but they were attacked by many Wasteseeker Drone Striker Fleets and thus suspended the construction plan.
In the Etherium Reach Region, if a Structure exits its Defensive Reinforcement state, Wasteseeker Striker Fleets will soon appear nearby and begin attacking it. Unmanned Structures may be destroyed.
Based on past experience, the Wasteseeker Striker Fleet will appear in 3 waves within 1 hour, and the size of each wave correlates to the System Security level, with a chance for capital ship enemies at max.
The Wasteseekers in the Striker Fleet are all elite, and defeating them can yield various rewards, including Advanced Drone components, which can be used for module manufacture or drone upgrades.

Frontline Outpost
Due to the environment, the common Capsuleer Outpost, Corporation Outpost, and Reconnaissance Outpost cannot be anchored in the Etherium Reach region.
Researchers have developed the Corporation Frontline Outpost based on the Reconnaissance Outpost. This outpost has a completely different reinforcement mechanism. It remains in a reinforced state most of the time, making it immune to enemy attacks.
The Frontline Outpost has forgone the energy anchor point output interface to increase its strength and stability. It initially possesses functions such as repair, construction and hangar. However, it should be noted that it cannot dock supercarriers due to its small size.
Advanced Reinforcement System
Once successfully anchored, the outpost will immediately enter an absolutely reinforced state, defending against any attacks. At this time, there will be no Wasteseeker Striker Fleets attacking.
Outpost Maintenance Time (Default): The Advanced Reinforcement system requires 2 hours of maintenance every week, during which it will forcibly exit the reinforcement state. The maintenance period can only be set between 00:00 on Saturday and 00:00 on Monday (UTC+0).
Furthermore, if the adjacent systems of the current system are occupied, or any other system in the constellation is occupied, the reinforcement time can only be set to either the earliest occupied system's reinforcement time within the constellation or the reinforcement time of any adjacent system to the current system.
If a Corporation holds sovereignty over an entire constellation, it can freely adjust the maintenance reinforcement time of one of its outposts (within the default maintenance time range). Once set, the new maintenance time will automatically apply to all outposts across the systems within this constellation.

How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints purchased from the market
Anchoring restrictions: The anchoring function for the Frontline Outpost is currently not available yet. Capsuleers can manufacture and arrange fleets to transport it through the Stargate to the Etherium Reach region. Researchers are making final adjustments to the reinforcement system, and the anchoring function is expected to be available in two weeks.
(Tips: You can choose a relatively safe time to transport the Frontline Outpost to the target system, log off, and then start anchoring after the maintenance on April 10th)

Jump Clone
Due to the environment and the warfare, it is impossible to set the stations in the Etherium Reach region as the Base. However, Jump Clone remains operational thanks to the strengthened Cloning Center.
Please note that capsuleers may only enter Cobalt Edge or Etherium Reach regions by Jump Clone up to 3 times a day. Otherwise, the nerve system of the capsuleer will be overwhelmed. Even the nerve relief service cannot relieve such a state.

Insurance Discount
As a reward for the capsuleers who bravely fought in the Etherium Reach region, CONCORD, in cooperation with major empire insurance companies, offers additional discounts for ships lost within this region.
Rules: If a capsuleer's regular ship is destroyed in the Etherium Reach region, they can enjoy an additional 50% discount when filing an insurance claim
Note: This only applies to regular ships and does not apply to capital ships
(Tips: The final Insurance Points cost in the insurance claim interface will automatically be multiplied by 50%, without any additional actions required by the capsuleer)

New Content
"Frontline" Spatial Rift Filament
Based on the "Expedition" Spatial Rift Filament, CONCORD, ORE, and other corporates have introduced the "Frontline" Spatial Rift Filament, which can be used to directly access the Etherium Reach region.
The first series of "Frontline" Spatial Rift Filaments includes five models, all connecting to the Etherium Reach region, suitable for different combat needs. The specific models are:
"Frontline-1" Spatial Rift Filament, which supports 1 battleship or 1 ship with lower tonnage (excluding Industrial Ships, which applies to all filaments below)
"Frontline-5" Spatial Rift Filament, which supports 5 ships
"Frontline-10" Spatial Rift Filament, which supports 10 ships
"Frontline-20" Spatial Rift Filament, which supports 20 ships
"Frontline-50" Spatial Rift Filament, which supports 50 ships
Similar to the "Expedition" Spatial Rift Filament, "Frontline" Spatial Rift Filaments can only be used when the ship's cargo hold does not carry any other cargo.
Currently, both industrial ships and capital ships cannot use "Frontline" Spatial Rift Filaments.
How to Obtain (Type 1, 5, and 10): Purchase with ISK in the Store (limited time)
How to obtain (Type 20 and 50): Unknown
Please note that the "Homeward" series of Spatial Rift Filaments can currently only be used in The Kalevala Expanse region. No new products have been released based on the research of the "Homeward" Spatial Rift Filament. Aside from Jump Cloning and self-destructing, when piloting a ship, capsuleers can only leave the Etherium Reach region through the three Stargates.
The Frontline series of Spatial Rift Filaments are experimental products currently available in limited quantities, and they will be adjusted as technology develops in the future.

Augmented Drone
After destroying the Elite Wasteseeker Drones, researchers first obtained a variety of advanced drone components and used them for drone modification.
The first batch of the new "Augmented" drones to be rolled out include all 16 types of drones and 14 types of fighters.
Upgrade Material:
"Augmented" Drone x1 = "Integrated" Drone x1 + Blueprint x1 + Various Materials 
How to obtain the blueprint (Regular): Blueprints can be obtained from the Loot Crates of Wasteseeker series Cosmic Anomalies, including Wasteseeker Checkpoint, Wasteseeker Capital Checkpoint, Wasteseeker Gravitational Detection Space
How to obtain the materials (Regular): Materials can be obtained by destroying the elite enemies of the Wasteseeker Centrum or Wasteseeker Striker Fleet

Wasteseeker Centrum
There is now a chance to obtain advanced drone components by destroying elite enemies in the Wasteseeker Centrum.
(Tips: The higher the strength of the enemy, the higher the chance for them to drop advanced components; the enemies in the Wasteseeker Striker Fleets are currently the strongest)

New Event
Pass Start Time: UTC +0 April 1, 2024 00:00:00 - April 29, 2024 00:00:00
CONCORD Pass will start on April 1, 2024.
CONCORD Pass will subsequently start on the first of each month and last for four weeks
The total reward amount remains the same. However, the standard reward level has been lowered to level 30, with the weekly EXP cap from rewards adjusted to 800
Unlocking the Elite Partner Pass now grants 10 levels immediately and an additional 20,000 CONCORD Credit
The price for purchasing CONCORD Pass levels has been reduced to 25 AUR per level
Capsuleers who have unlocked the Advanced CONCORD Pass can now spend 250 AUR to unlock the Elite Partner Pass
Adjusted and removed some unpopular items from the CONCORD Pass Shop
Please go to the CONCORD Pass page for details, capsuleer

Navigator Program
Event Duration: March 27, 2024, 08:00 - April 15, 2024, 08:00 (UTC+0)
The Navigator program is now available again. Recharge 499 AUR to unlock a new round of monthly Skill Points Supply. You will get additional rebates after recharging a certain number of AUR. See the in-game rules for details.
The basic rewards for the current Navigator Program have been increased from 1.63 million to 2 million (for novice players).
Premium Navigator Program: After unlocking the Navigator Program, capsuleers can spend another 499 AUR to unlock the Premium Navigator Program and claim double Skill Points every day

New Arrivals
Available Time: 08:00 March 27, 2024 - 08:00 April 10, 2024 (UTC+0)
The five major factions and the Sleeper Core have returned, along with a new type of AI Core Entry Analyzer, which greatly enhances ship abilities in all aspects.
Once the event has started, capsuleers can check and purchase the bundle in Store -> Bestseller Combo -> Hot Selection.

Nanocore Exchange
In order to improve the experience for capsuleers, CONCORD has authorized the exchange of the "Neon Gas" (capital ship), "Golden Age", "CyberX", "Star Beat", "Silver Waltz", and "Dragon Chant" series Nanocores.

Extension of Temporary Pass
Due to the large number of Lancer Dreadnoughts still stationed in High Sec, the High Sec temporary pass originally scheduled to expire on March 27 has been extended to April 24.
CONCORD is currently working with various empires to establish more delivery centers in both High Sec and Low Sec, allowing Lancer Dreadnoughts to be delivered from High Sec to the designated Low Sec ITC once the pass expires.
Delivering capital ships across regions requires more energy than local deliveries within the same region, so the ISK cost for the delivery is also higher. Capsuleers are advised to leave High Sec before the permit expires.

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.  
Optimized the operation mode of the Strip Miner and Heavy Mining Drone, changing from 4-20 rounds per cycle to 1 round per cycle, reducing complexity while keeping the way to use them the same. Now, the initial harvesting time for all miners and drones that do not require target locking has been uniformly adjusted to 15 seconds, with mining yield and power consumption adjusted proportionally.
Adjusted the damage gain algorithm of the Defense Jammer Burst so that it can produce the theoretical effect shown in TIPS against enemies with different resistances, regardless of the target's resistance.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue where the Dragon Roar mode had no effect on Lightweight Ships.
Fixed the issue where the Activation Time bonus of the Chameleon's Cynosural Field was ineffective.
Fixed the issue where only ISK would be shown as the currency type in the secondary confirmation interface when purchasing skills.
Fixed the issue where Valravn ships could occasionally have display glitches in some systems.
Fixed the issue where editing contact notes was not possible.
Fixed the issue where "Expedition" series Spatial Rift Filaments could potentially be used while carrying items.
Fixed the issue where the automatic translation feature was not working.

The Scope