Patch Notes 0403


To New Eden Capsuleers:
We recently implemented a comprehensive upgrade to the server’s low-level code, which extends server uptime. Beginning April 3, we are adjusting our server maintenance schedule from weekly to biweekly.

The response to urgent online issues remains unchanged, where urgent issues will be updated and fixed without taking the server offline. The weekly Tuesday update announcements will continue to outline real-time changes and resolved issues from the past week and preview upcoming updates as usual.

The updates for this week are as follows:

Navigation Tips
The Stargate from EFM-C4 (Insmother) to G-QTSD (Etherium Reach) is still under construction and inaccessible. The completion and opening date has not yet been determined.
Because the navigation system mistakenly recognizes this route as already passable, navigation through this Stargate is currently not functioning properly.
Capsuleers can avoid the EFM-C4 system to resume normal navigation.
For Capsuleers active near the EFM-C4 system, they can choose to avoid the G-QTSD system to resume normal navigation.

Combat Tips
The Wasteseeker Striker Fleet will only appear in the Etherium Reach region. Defeating them can yield a large amount of Precious Metals, Drone components, and other materials.
Each fleet consists of 3-5 squads, and for systems with a security level of -0.6 and below, the fleet has a chance to consist of a small number of capital ships.
The Corporation Frontline Outpost can also be anchored in regular regions. This structure does not provide additional energy anchor points, making it unsuitable for resource and production systems.
You can choose a relatively safe time to transport the Frontline Outpost to the target system, log off, and then start anchoring after the maintenance on April 10.

Optimized the target-seeking logic of the Sentry Gun, and they will now try to prioritize attacking ships that pose a greater threat.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue where some Rift Filaments did not allow the passing of ships with items in the cargo hold and reissued the items.
Fixed an issue where Defense Jammer Burst’s projector skill bonus was ineffective.
Fixed an issue where the skill interface might not show or cannot be operated. 

The Scope