Patch Notes 0508


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 5/8/2024 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.  

New Content
Lucent-Moon Force Auxiliary
Lucent-Moon, the Carrier co-designed by Capsuleers with Yue's assistance, has successfully embarked on its maiden voyage.
Lucent-Moon has obtained special permission from CONCORD for operation in High-Sec areas.
After incorporating the design proposals from the Capsuleers, Lucent-Moon will feature the following characteristics:
Overload Engine: Lucent-Moon has an increased jump distance, but its fuel consumption is correspondingly higher.
Energy Force Field Shield: The fruit of Yan-Jung technology. Significantly boost shield strength and the effectiveness of shield repair modules.
Onboard Trajectory Calculation: Increase drone slots for Lucent-Moon, and increase drone flight velocity.
How to obtain:
Capsuleers may use Ship Blueprints and Data Materials to reverse-engineer the blueprint. They may then perform industrial manufacture with the required components detailed in the blueprint

Hangar Expansion Refactoring
With the help and effort of Yan-Jung and the joint design team, the new Yan-Jung Force Auxiliary can undergo hangar expansion refactoring modifications, with options to carry fighters or Lightweight Ships.
Fighter Bay Hangar Expansion Refactoring
Adjustments and refactoring are performed based on the existing hangar to improve fighter compatibility. However, after the rigging is complete, only fighters can be stationed aboard.
Lightweight Ship Hangar Expansion Refactoring
Specialized refactoring expansion for Lightweight Ships is performed based on the existing hangar. However, after the rigging is complete, only Lightweight Ships can be stationed aboard.
How to obtain:
Obtain from industrial manufacturing and event stores

Yan-Jung Defense System Refactoring
Engineer Sasaer has performed a defense system refactoring on Lucent-Moon based on Yan-Jung's Shield Energy Force Field Technology.
Pilots can specialize Lucent-moon's defense system based on thier choice and tactical needs, including adjusting shield generator and armor plating ratio to adapt to different battlefields.
How to Obtain
Obtain from industrial manufacturing and event stores


Lightweight Ship Hangar Modification
Thanks to the efforts of Capsuleers and researchers, hangar modification technology has reached a milestone in its development. Now, it's possible to manufacture a new type of Lightweight Ship Hangar Modification System.
The new model is an improvement and upgrade from the existing 6 experimental models. In addition to slot rigging, it also has the following effects:
Increases Fighter Bay Capacity by 5,000-30,000
Increases Ship Structure Hitpoints by 5%-30%

Reverse Engineering
Due to the supply and demand issues of certain experimental materials in the market, the new blueprint design will spend more ISK to reduce material consumption, with the following minor adjustments compared to the old blueprint:
Reduced Imperial Device Construction Units and Device Improvement Carriers. Increased Device Compilation Optimization Carriers and increased ISK cost to 500 million. The total cost of Reverse Engineering is similar to the old blueprint.
Reverse engineering and manufacturing of old blueprints are no longer supported. Ongoing projects are unaffected.

The types of capital ship components required for new blueprints remain the same, with a fixed quantity of 2 or 4, and no longer increase along with metalevel.
Apart from capital ship components, significantly increased the ISK expenditure, significantly reduced the three salvaged materials, and slightly increased other materials. The total manufacturing cost is significantly reduced.

Old blueprints and hangar modification systems can be reprocessed, yielding the corresponding new blueprints or new hangar modification systems.
Specifically, when reprocessing old hangar modification systems, 100% of the difference in the new and old requirements for capital ship components and the three significantly reduced salvaged materials will be refunded. This does not include ISK and materials with a slight increase in required quantities, and no deductions are needed.
For example, for Bipolar Experimental Carrier Hangar Modification II, the number of capital ship components required is reduced from 12x4 to 4x4, so 8x4 capital ship components will be refunded. Its ISK cost is increased from 650 million to 3.2 billion, with no refunds or deductions.

Delivery Feature
Delivery centers at major empire stations have been completed, and the delivery feature is now available. In the initial phase, only Lancer Dreadnoughts and Versatile Assault Ships are supported.
Delivery method:
Repackage the ship, request delivery from the station menu, and you can spend ISK to instantly deliver the ship from High-Sec to the 6 major Low-Sec ITCs.
Please note this will cost at least several hundred million ISK, and it's recommended to pilot them and leave High-Sec as soon as possible.

Corporation Insurance
To improve the convenience of insurance claims and lessen the burden on Corporation Management, the insurance companies have introduced the Corporation Insurance feature.
About Corporation Insurance
If a Capsuleer has been in a Corporation for more than 30 days, they can open the combat logs interface to apply for Corporation Insurance compensation after their ship is destroyed. Leaving the Corporation or not being in a Corporation at the time of destruction will invalidate the claim.
Management personnel with directorial rights can approve or reject the member's applications. Upon approving a claim, Corporation Insurance Points will be spent to compensate the applicant's ship.
Upon successful compensation, the ship will be delivered to the station where the administrator approved the application, and ownership will automatically be transferred to the applying Corporation member.
Corporation Insurance Points
The Corporation Insurance Points Pack can be purchased at the Store. The contents of the packs will be updated with future events.
Open the Corporation Insurance Points item menu while at a station to donate them to your Corporation. Note that this action is irreversible, and the record can be viewed in the Corporation Wallet logs.

Balance Updates
Ships and Modules
Retriever. Increased Ore Hold Capacity from 24,000 to 30,000.
Lancer Dreadnought. Revoked High-Sec Pass.
Rorqual. Granted High-Sec Pass.
Swarm Mothership Defense Module. The effect range for the Lightweight Ship command has been adjusted from -50% to -75% while the penalty effect of "Lightweight Ship Command Range -50%" for Versatile Assault Ship has been removed to enhance its tactical diversity in standard mode.
Capital Emergency Hull Energizer. No longer supported by insurance claims
Renamed all Mk.IX drones and fighters to "Prototype".
All drones and fighters. Removed tech level restrictions.
Optimized the loading logic for fighters, and they will now automatically stack after unloading, reducing the number of interface refreshes.
The self-destruct feature for drones and fighters has been enabled. Currently, all models of drones and fighters do not cause area damage upon self-destruction.
Optimized the range falloff algorithm for remote repair modules, which is now consistent with weapon range algorithms.
Attacking your own drones will no longer trigger a warning timer.

Industrial Modules
Thanks to the development of New Eden's productivity, Industrial Modules have seen a slight upgrade in Reverse Engineering and manufacturing technology.
Compared to before the upgrade, Orca will now use large materials for its large modules instead of extra large materials. Comparisons for other materials are as follows:
Reverse Engineering: reduced Imperial Device Construction Units, reduced Device Improvement Carriers, increased Device Compilation Optimization Carriers, and increased ISK cost to 2 billion/1.6 billion/600 million. Its total cost remains unchanged.
Manufacture: Capital ship components and structure components are no longer required, and only 8 types of basic ores are required. Increased ISK cost to 2 billion/1.6 billion/600 million. Its total manufacturing cost also remains almost unchanged.
Adjusted Industrial Module volume to 5,000/4,000/1,500m³.

Structure Modules
Standup Small Missile. Increased flight time from 19 seconds to 20 seconds, reduced flight velocity from 6,500 to 6,400, increased explosion velocity from 170 to 200, and adjusted launcher powergrid requirement to 7,500.
Standup Medium Missile. Increased flight time increased from 23 seconds to 24 seconds, increased flight velocity from 5,500 to 5,600, increased explosion velocity increased from 81 to 100, and adjusted launcher powergrid requirement to 10,000.
Standup Large Missile. Increased flight time from 28 seconds to 30 seconds, reduced flight velocity from 4,500 to 4,800, increased explosion velocity from 69 to 80, and adjusted launcher powergrid requirement to 12,500.
Standup Stasis Webifier, Warp Scrambler, and Energy Neutralizer. Adjusted powergrid requirement to 7,500/ 10,000/12,500.
All Structure modules. Removed tech level restrictions.

Capsuleer Outpost. Increased max DPS from 2,000 to 5,000, reduced unanchoring time from 72 hours to 48 hours, increased Scan Resolution from 40 to 100, reduced powergrid from 206,000 to 75,000, and adjusted capacitor to 24,000/900 seconds.
Corporation Outposts (Level 1-3). Increased max DPS by 100%, and adjusted powergrid to 240,000/300,000/360,000.
Corporation Citadel (Level 4). Increased max DPS by 50%.
Corporation Reconnaissance Outpost. Adjusted powergrid to 300,000.
Corporation Frontline Outpost. Adjusted powergrid to 360,000.
All Corporation Add-on Structures. Increased max DPS by 200%.
Unable to disassemble module while piloting a Capsuleer Outpost in combat with enemies
Structures in the repair state can have their repair time extended up to a maximum of 3 hours when under constant attacks

Cosmic Anomaly
Capital Rift Space will now only spawn in 0.0 Sec regions (previously had a low chance of spawning in low-sec)
The Loot Crate of Wasteseeker Wave Graph may contain Yan-Jung Ship Debris.

Market Category Adjustments
Optimized the market categorization of mid-slot modules and merged similar items, with the main adjustments as follows:
Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizers are now collectively referred to as Capacitor Warfare Modules
Stasis Webifiers and Warp Disruptors are now adjusted to be Interdiction Modules.
Remote Capacitor Transmitters and Group Repairing Modules are now collectively referred to as Fleet Maintenance Modules.
Armor Link Modules, Shield Field Modules, and Combat Modules are now collectively referred to as Tactical Modules.
Fighters and Lightweight Ships are now collectively referred to as Fighters.
Salvagers, Command Modules, Cynosural Field Generators, and Entosis Links are now collectively referred to as Ancillary Modules.

New Event
New Arrivals at Starry Night Flight Store
New arrivals at the Starry Night Flight Store, including secret shipping containers, Augmented blueprints, and more. Please check the Store page for details, Capsuleer.

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.
Optimized the descriptions for structures, where all references to the two reinforcements have been uniformly adjusted to Armor Hardening and Hull Reinforcement.
Optimized the introduction of maintenance time settings for Corporation Frontline Outposts.
Improved the Copy ID feature. Players can now copy the character's nicknames at the same time.
Optimized the descriptions for some modules and implants (with functions unchanged) to make them less difficult to understand, including Aerospace Tactics Implant's Tactical Determination skill, High Power Coil Implant's Armor Piercer skill, and Defense Jammer Burst Projector.
Improved the collision model of the Klein Well, reducing the chance of being knocked away.
Optimized the icons for items such as the Cloaking Device, Capital Armor Repairer, Heavy Drone, and Reconnaissance Outpost.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where some Special Ops battleships had mismatched damaged hull factions.
Fixed an issue where some Dreadnoughts were not displayed in the market list.
Fixed an issue where Mining Drones had a chance to stop working automatically.

The Scope