Patch Notes 0522


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 5/22/2024 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.  

New Content
Nanocore Precise Disassembling Service
Added a preview interface when disassembling Nanocores to show the amount of materials obtainable.
The material return rate for standard disassembling, which was previously 68%~80% of the return base (decreases along with core level), has been adjusted to a fixed 70% x return base.
(Note: The return base is slightly lower than the server average and not the actual amount spent on each core upgrade)
When disassembling, you can choose the Precise Disassembling Service, which can return approximately 90% of the materials.
The Precise Disassembling Service is priced at 1000 AUR. Due to market regulation requirements, it has been temporarily converted to ISK. This price will adjust according to the current market exchange rate between PLEX and ISK, with the current price set at 10 billion ISK. It is recommended to use the Precise Disassembling Service for cores above level 4.
Intelligent Nanocore Repackaging
You can now repackage Intelligent Nanocores, which will return some materials and a Basic Nanocore (Purple) in the process.
The material return ratio is the same as the Basic Nanocore, i.e. 70%/90% of Tesseract Star Cores and some of the upgrade materials.
Basic Nanocores can be exchanged for other Nanocores of the same series using the Exchange function.

Yan-Jung Capital Ship Remote Armor System Refactoring
A special rig that can refactor the Lucent-Moon class armor system and Remote Armor system.
In addition to adjusting the Lucent-Moon class for armor superiority, it also gains comprehensive armor repair bonuses: +100% to Remote Armor Repairer effects, +500% to Repair Drone effects.
How to obtain: through Industrial Manufacturing or Store

Heavy Fighter Siege Modification System
A special modification system that enhances the combat capabilities of Supercarriers, capable of increasing the loading speed of fighters and enhancing the effects of the ship’s defense and cover modules.
Installing this rig will significantly boost the ship's mass and thruster, while reducing the inertia modifier. Maneuverability remains unchanged, and impact resistance is improved.
When the Cover Module is activated, the Supercarrier will absorb some of the damage taken by its fighters.
Training in Cover Module Operation skills can enhance the damage absorption effect, but it will only take effect once the super rig is installed.
How to obtain: through Industrial Manufacturing or Store

Tsunami - Disruptive Lance
After several empires unveiled their own versions of the "Annihilator" Doomsday Weapon, the Caldari, pioneers in this field, have once again introduced an even more advanced Annihilator Doomsday Weapon.
This model significantly improves the firing capabilities while moving, and offers enhanced power and range, but it also requires more energy.
How to obtain: through Industrial Manufacturing or Store

"Tactical Defense" Neural Response Implant
An implant designed to boost the Capsuleer's neural responsiveness, this device differs from typical cybernetic implants. Instead of being actively triggered, it passively enhances the Capsuleer's physical capabilities and ship-commanding skills.
Depending on the placement location, this implant can be activated concurrently with the 16 existing types of active cybernetic implants. Due to technological constraints, the Neural Response Implant currently cannot be equipped with General Units.
The first release is the "Tactical Defense" Neural Reaction Implant, which comprehensively enhances the control over the ship's defense system.
Tactical Defense (Level 1): Enhances control over the defense system, boosts ship Shield and Armor Strength as levels increase, accelerates repair speed, and enhances resistances to Capacitor Warfare and Weapon Disruption.
Predictive Trajectory (Level 15): Enhances awareness of projectile weapons such as cannons and railguns, boosts ship maneuverability and evasion capabilities against such attacks, making it easier for enemies to "miss."
Energy Resistance (Level 15): Increases damage resistance to energy weapons such as Lasers and Decomposers, reduces damage from such sources, and increases ship’s Capacitor Recharge Rate.
Explosive Resistance (Level 30): Increases damage resistance to explosive weapons such as missiles and bombs, reduces damage from such sources, and reduces the ship's Signature Radius.
Targeted Defense (Level 30): Using shield and armor defense systems for targeted defense against drones and fighters, reduces damage from such sources, and increases the ship's Scan Resolution.
Tactical Countermeasure (Level 45): Offense is the best defense. Significantly enhances controls over the ship’s radars, turrets, missiles, and drones.
How to Obtain (Limited Time): Can be obtained through the Store
How to Obtain (Regular): Currently unavailable. Enhances the Wasteseeker Centrum experience in about 2 weeks, which will include the addition of several new implant cores to the loot. These can be obtained through Reverse Engineering.

Needlejack Filaments
Added "Signal-10" and "Noise-10" Filaments, which can be used by up to 10 users.
The Jita market has listed 4 varieties of Spatial Rift Filaments, including Signal, Noise, Expedition, and Frontline series, priced between 20 million to 200 million ISK.

Recommended New Arrivals
Available Time: 08:00 May 22, 2024 - 08:00 June 5, 2024 (UTC+0)
The new Disruptive Lance "Tsunami" has been released, alongside the reintroduction of the Lancer Dreadnought lucky draw supply, which carries over the previously accumulated draw counts from the Dragon Chant: Lancer Dreadnought Koi Draw Chest.
The Advanced Neural Response Implant Supply is available, with an additional bonus of 300 Ascension Neural Compilers (Clone Bound), priced at 2500 AUR
The Standard Neural Response Implant Supply is available, with an additional bonus of 150 Ascension Neural Compilers (Clone Bound), priced at 1250 AUR.
Interstellar Bazaar Featured Series (Illusionary Ghost and CyberX) Cores are now available in the Store. Capsuleers can spend ISK to exchange for a 50% discount coupon (limited to two per player) enabling purchases at a more attractive price.
Also available: Interstellar Bazaar Capital Ship Core Lucky Draw Supply. For every 10 supplies purchased, receive an additional 2 supplies for free. Once you have purchased 50 supplies, you will receive an Opt Supply for Capital Ship Cores (Illusionary Ghost/CyberX).
To help novice Capsuleers more easily acquire powerful Nanocores, the Decryption Key Supply is also now available. Purchase these supplies to obtain huge amounts of decoding keys.
Note: The 50% off coupon applies only to the Interstellar Featured Cores Opt Supply, up to a max limit discount of 10,000 AUR. The coupon will expire once the supply becomes unavailable.

Implants Now Available for Regular Sales
Regular Sales has resumed selling implants, now offering a new selection of Advanced and Standard Implant Opt Supply. Limited to 5 purchases per month.
Also, Elite Implant Supply Caches are introduced to make it easier for novice Capsuleers to get started. Enjoy a super value 50% discount on Advanced Implants, Advanced units, and numerous rewards including a huge amount of implant EXP.
Elite Implant Supply Cache I: Contains Standard Implant Opt Supply, 10.0 General Units Opt Supply, and a large amount of implant EXP.
Elite Implant Supply Cache II: Contains Advanced Implant Opt Supply, 3.0 Advanced Units Opt Supply, and a large amount of implant EXP.
Note: Each Supply can only be purchased once.

ISK Exchange Store Now Open
The ISK Exchange Store is now officially open, featuring a variety of items. Capsuleers can use ISK to make purchases.
Items offered in the first edition: Free Skill Points, Ship SKIN Encrypted Safe General Decoder, General Nano Source III, Secret Trafficking Decoding Credentials, and other items.
The 50% off coupon in the store can only be used to purchase from the recommended Interstellar Featured Nanocores tabs, limited to 2 purchases during the event.
The Amethyst Cone items have been removed from the recommended tabs and added to the ISK Exchange Store.
Note: Except for the 50% off coupon, all other items are refreshed weekly.
ISK item prices will be adjusted according to the ISK value of PLEX for market regulation purposes. For instance, the price for Secret Trafficking Decoding Credentials is temporarily set at 2.5 billion ISK.
We have noticed that some low-level accounts are using AI Cores to inefficiently farm ISK, solely for the purpose of selling it on the market, which has negative repercussions. To counteract this, we have decided to adjust the pricing of Amethyst Cones to 10 million ISK for the first 10 each week, with the following 10 sold thereafter priced at 20 million ISK.
We also removed the Amethyst Cone reward from the Nanocore lucky draw.

Daily Special Points Exchange Store New Arrivals
Daily Special Points Exchange Store now features Sleeper series cores.

Balance Updates
Structure Warfare
Due to decreased threats, the Wasteseeker Capital Ship Fleet has withdrawn from the frontlines. In all Systems within the Etherium Reach, the Wasteseeker Striker Fleets have been adjusted to 2 standard ship fleets.
Adjusted the enemy titles for Wasteseekers in Etherium Reach. Now the remaining enemies only attack Structures and are called "Annihilators".
When operating a Capsuleer Outpost, it is not possible to use implants.
Corporation Frontline Outposts: Maintenance time per week reduced from 2 hours to 1.5 hours.
Capsuleer Outpost: Minimum maintenance time reduced from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
Corporation Tech: Fuel consumption reduced from -2.5% per level to -4% for Citadel Maintenance System Upgrade.
Corporation Tech: Resistance bonus per level increased from +2.5% to +5% for Shield Hardeners, Armor Hardening System, and Hull Reinforcement System.
The Ansiblex Stargate is adjusted to be visible across the entire System.
Star Charts now include a new filter to display all the Ansiblex Stargates in the universe, color-coded based on Corporation relations.

Praxis: EHP increased by 9.4%, Sensor Strength increased from 20 to 24, Insurance Points reduced by 25%.
Praxis II: EHP increased by 11.1%, Sensor Strength increased from 22 to 30.
Barghest: Scan Resolution increased from 110 to 120.
Bomber II: High slots reduced from 4 to 3, damage bonus increased from 10% to 20%.
Bomber III: High slots reduced from 4 to 3, damage bonus increased from 15%/7.5% to 25%/15%.
CyanSea: Removed Warp Speed bonus, base Warp Speed increased from 1.75 to 2. Missile and Turret Damage Bonus increased from 25% to 100%, EHP increased by 4.4%.
Chimera and Archon: New bonus: Light Fighter damage +5%.
Nidhoggur and Thanatos: Damage bonus increased from 5% to 7.5%.
Team Combat: Removed the effect: Mothership Defense Module Activation Time +10/10/10 seconds to increase module usage flexibility (Increased Activation Time is generally a negative effect).
Mothership Defense Methods: Adjusted the effect from Mothership Defense Module Activation Time +10/10/10 seconds to -10 / -10 / -10 seconds. New effect: Fuel Consumption -20%/-20%/-25% (Stacking method is multiplicative).

Ship Modes
Carrier: Mid slot +1. Base Scan Resolution increased by 100% and removed its special mode. Can now fit Networked Sensor Array.
Force Auxiliary: Mid slot +1 and removed its special mode. Can now fit Logistic Support Module. Max Locked Targets increased from 7 to 8, base Scan Resolution increased to the same level as Carriers of the same Faction (Lucent-Moon adjusted to align with CyanSea).
Added Networked Sensor Array, increasing the Scan Resolution by 200% (same activation strength as before the adjustment). Activation Time reduced to 10 seconds, Sensor Strength +25%, and +25% to the effectiveness of remote repairs received.
Added Logistic Support Module. Scan Resolution adjusted to +200%, Activation Time reduced to 10 seconds, and Sensor Strength +25%. Other effects remain the same as Logistic Support Mode.
New modules can be purchased directly from the market with ISK, priced at 200 million ISK.

Increased the default market valuation for items such as PLEX, Burst Projector, Warp Core Stabilizer, and Inertial Stabilizer.
Sentry Drone adjusted to be able to launch attacks against targets outside of its range.
Unified the Tracking Speed display units for Drones and Standard Turrets. The displayed tracking speed values for drones will significantly increase, but the actual performance will remain the same.
The Reload time displayed in the fighter description (all fighters have a reload time of 1 second x number of reloads) is now hidden.
Cloaking Device: Tech Level restrictions removed. Now consumes 100 fuel every 5 seconds, and the feature remains the same.
Disruptive Lance: Maximum Velocity limit while activated is increased from 5m/s to 10m/s.
Yan-Jung Capital Ship Armor System Refactoring new bonus: Armor Resistance +20%.
Fixed the issue where Artillery Cover Full Salvo damage and Tracking Speed bonuses were ineffective (Damage +20%, Tracking Speed +25%). Reduced the damage stability of Full Salvo against high-speed small ships.

To promote Market Transaction, ensure standardized trading behavior, and minimize contract fraud and illegal transactions, the following adjustments have been implemented in the market:
Initial broker’s handling fee/sales tax adjusted from 8%/15% to 1%/20%.
Accounting no longer reduces listing fees. Sales tax adjusted from 5% to 8%.
When placing market orders, the maximum item price can be set up to 9 trillion, with the highest listing fee per order capped at 1 billion ISK.
When listing a Capital Ship on the market, the price can only be set within the range of 60% to 150% of the material cost’s estimation. Otherwise, the market will refuse to list it (For CyanSea and Lucent-Moon classes, it's 50% to 200%).
Members who have joined the Corporation for less than 30 days cannot donate Insurance Points.

Production Symmetry Decryptor: Time consumption adjusted from -10% to -20%.
Production Actuarial Decryptor: Time consumption adjusted from +50% to +40%.
Reverse Actuarial Decryptor: Time consumption adjusted from +50% to +40%.
Reverse Accelerant Decryptor: Success rate adjusted from -5% to +5%.
The skill chip manufacturing process has been upgraded to now use General Chips and Data Banks. Thanks to enhanced standardization, manufacturing efficiency has improved, including: Manufacturing Time -25%, Nanites Requirement -25%, Data Banks and Computing Chips -25%. Future research will further explore the application of General Experimental Data in skill chip manufacturing.
Industrial Module Blueprint: The number of Decryptors required for Reverse Engineering is reduced by approximately 14%/17%/28%.

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record 
Optimized the initial position after entering Dormant Realm, reducing the chances of ship collisions.
All Corporation Insurance Claim information for kill mails are now hidden.
The Lucent-Moon Class Ship Tree is now available.
Optimized the description of some rigs and ship attributes.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a rare issue where 1-2 fighters could be lost when applying Fittings.
Fixed an issue where Mining Drones had a chance to "slack off."
Fixed an issue where destroying Drones in certain situations could reset the Weapons Timer.
Fixed an issue where certain rig slots were not displayed in the Supercarrier Fitting Window.
Fixed an issue where Scanners had a chance where they failed to work.
Fixed an issue where some items in the market displayed prices as abnormal text.
Fixed the issue where piloting a CyanSea and activating the Sun Chaser Navigation System could not directly enter High-Sec.
Fixed an issue with Faction markers displaying abnormally in Chat Channels.
Fixed an issue with abnormal Icons for the Lucent-Moon class ships.  

The Scope