Patch Notes 0529


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
    We will apply a hotfix update on 2024-5-29 at 08:00 (UTC+0). Capsuleers can continue playing as normal without any disruptions.  

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the Decomposers could sometimes fail to fire.
Fixed an issue where the 6th High Slot of the Force Auxiliary was obstructed.
Fixed an issue where Carriers could potentially be unable to dock at stations after mode adjustments.
Fixed an issue with high capacitor consumption during warp and excessive volume for siege modification system on Heavy Fighters.
Fixed an anomaly with the attributes of the Tsunami - Disruptive Lance.
Fixed an issue where unstable wormholes had an extremely low chance of appearing in unavailable solar systems.
Fixed an issue where the Lucent-Moon class could enter non-capital ship Dormant Realms.

The Scope