Patch Notes 0619


Dear pilots of New Eden, 
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 6/19/2024 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.  
New Content
Bomber Battleships
The Bomber Battleship is a fortress on the battlefield. Although armed with a reduced number of turrets, each possesses exponentially increased firepower output. While maintaining the advantages of the original ship model, its defense systems and self-repair capabilities have been significantly enhanced.
In addition, the ship is equipped with a new Missile Launcher Bomb that can precisely strike targets and unleash devastating area damage.
Bomber Battleships can be equipped with Citadel modules, which greatly increase repair amount and electronic warfare resistance, but will no longer be able to warp.
The first batch includes a total of 4 ships:
Rokh Bomber
Excels in using the railgun, with an excellent optimal range. It has high shield resistance and the capability to counter certain sensor dampening effects.
Abaddon Bomber
Excels in using the laser, with high armor resistance and capacitor warfare resistance, greatly enhancing its endurance.
Hyperion Bomber
Excels in using the railgun, with further enhancement in armor strength on top of the decent repair amount of its original ship model.
Maelstrom Bomber
Excels in using the cannon with a high rate of fire, improving its energy efficiency while reducing the power required for shield repairers.
How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints obtained via reverse engineering
How to obtain (Limited Time): Obtain from the Event Manual

Missile Launcher Bomb
A launcher with a unique structure that allows it to launch powerful bombs using only a small amount of power. Its damage type can be changed by loading different types of bombs.
Only ships that support Missile Launcher Bomb technology can be fitted with this module. After fitting, you must load bombs (ammunition) to be able to fire. If you unfit or replace the module, any loaded ammunition will be discarded.
Firing requires preheating. After preheating is complete, a bomb will be launched towards the front of the ship. The bomb will automatically detonate after reaching its maximum flight time and cannot be manually detonated.
Bombs will damage all ships, drones, and structures within range, including the launcher itself.
How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints purchased from the market

Bombs (Ammunition)
Specialized ammunition for Missile Launcher Bombs, with different ammunition having different damage effects.
Electron Bomb: Deals EM damage over a large area.
Scorch Bomb: Deals thermal damage over a large area.
Concussion Bomb: Deals kinetic damage over a large area.
Shrapnel Bomb: Deals explosive damage over a large area.
Void Bomb: Causes capacitor neutralization over a large area.
Inferno Bomb: Deals multiple types of damage and causes capacitor neutralization over a small area.
How to obtain (Type I): Manufacture them based on the blueprints purchased from the market
How to obtain (Type II): Manufacture them based on the blueprints purchased from the Underground Market with ISK
How to obtain (Type III): Not available yet

Termina Echo Nanocore
The brand new "Termina Echo" series Nanocores have undergone a technological revolution using black hole observation data, allowing them to deflect and reduce incoming damage, which can be partially absorbed and converted into energy for their own use.
Special Mode: Deflection Absorption. Upon activation, the mothership and its drones gain 20% resistance to all damage types and 20 Echo levels, lasting for 30 seconds, with a 300-second Cooldown Time. After the mode ends, the Nanocore will convert the absorbed energy in the fight for its own benefit.
Echo Level: After the mode is activated, the ship will gain Echo levels based on hits received, starting at 20 levels and maxing out at 50 levels. Once the mode ends, the ship's firepower will be increased by 10% to 25%, and its flight velocity by 10% to 25% (effects also apply to drones) based on the number of levels. The buff lasts for 30 seconds.
Gravity surges and time and space intertwine, weaving the silhouettes of you and me.
How to obtain: Get them from the Store and Interstellar Bazaar event.

New General Units
Added 3 new General Units for Mothership Command Enhanced Module with the following effects:
Command Enhancement Unit: Increasing the Mothership Command Module enhancement effect on Command Bursts, but reducing the enhancement effect on fighters.
Output Enhancement Unit: Increasing the Mothership Command Module enhancement effect on fighters, but reducing the enhancement effect on the mothership.
Flight Time Enhancement Unit: Reduces the restart time (by 30 seconds with V10.0), but also reduces the enhancement effect.
How to obtain (Event): Obtain from General Units Box

New Skills
Added 3 new skills that can be purchased and trained with ISK.
Mothership Command Technology: The skill for operating the Enhanced Mothership Command Module. It can increase the module's activation time, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance the damage and speed bonus for fighters.
Bomb Deployment Theory: The skill for operating Missile Launcher Bombs. It reduces the activation time and restart time of Missile Launcher Bombs.
Ammunition Manufacture: Increases the efficiency of manufacturing various types of ammunition, such as Bombs, Missiles, and ammo.

Balance Adjustments
The equipment jamming effect of Support Projection Implants will not disable special modules (Networked Sensor, Logistic Support).
Bomber Frigate III: Gains 1 additional special high slot for fitting the Missile Launcher Bomb. Increased ammo hold.
The drop rate of fighter blueprints in the Capital Ship Nihilus Space has been reduced. Fixed an issue where blueprints for fighters of other factions were dropping. The overall yield has been lowered to normal levels.
Structure module blueprints are now only sold by Jita ITC.

New Event
Interstellar Bazaar: Termina Echo
Interstellar Bazaar Series Event Duration: June 19, 2024 08:00 - July 10, 2024 08:00 (UTC+0)
We are preparing to observe the enigmatic existence in the universe, the black hole, seeking the truth between the interwoven time and space.
"Interstellar Bazaar: Termina Echo" is the theme of this event. Swipe the page to prepare for this novel adventure.

Termina Echo Theme Music
The event's namesake music "Termina Echo" is now playing at the station, allowing you to experience the boundless darkness and majestic power of black holes amidst the gravitational tides.
The Termina Echo event music is expected to be released on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major music platforms on July 10. Please be sure to check it out.

Interstellar Bazaar: Termina Echo
"Even if the time passes, its echo shall linger and last."
The Interstellar Bazaar is now opening. The Termina Echo story is now available to Capsuleers. Participate in the event's Encounter Missions to improve the preparation progress and claim rewards.
You can view the character introduction and mission details in the character's profile. You can also view the story text of completed Mission Arc missions in Arc Recap.
Complete Encounter Missions to get Interstellar Bazaar coupons. You can also get a limited number of 50% Off Coupons from progression and Mission Arc missions. Coupons can only be used during the current Interstellar Bazaar.

Interstellar Bazaar: Interstellar Offering
When Luck obtained from Lucky Chest reaches the specified numbers during the event, capsuleers will obtain bountiful rewards such as plenty of skill points, AI Core Entry Analysis Library, and Supercarrier Core Opt Box.
New item “Observation Data”: These items can advance the capsuleer's personal Luck progress but do not count towards the daily Luck leaderboard. They can be obtained in the event manual, daily mails, and Encounter events.

Interstellar Bazaar: Lucky Chart
Opening Lucky Chests gives you Luck. The amount of Luck you gain every day will be ranked on the leaderboard.
Capsuleers will be rewarded according to their rankings on the Lucky Chart. For details about the reward settings, please refer to the rules on the event page.
The Supercarrier and Capital Ship Nanocore Opt Supply from this Lucky Chart include the Termina Echo and Star Beat series. You may choose the appropriate one based on your need.

Interstellar Bazaar: Lucky Chest
Lucky Chests have been added to the New Eden Store, and they contain the new Termina Echo Nanocore. Open Lucky Chests for a chance to win the lucky prize of the day. Coupons can be used in the event. You can get Lucky Chests every day during the event by logging in.
A total of 42 50% Off Coupons will be released for this Interstellar Bazaar, which Capsuleers can obtain through 7-day login, Encounter Missions, and the ISK store.
High-end Capital Ships have been added to the Lucky Rewards, increasing the chance of obtaining lucky ships, while rewards such as modules and units have been removed.

Interstellar Bazaar: Interstellar Bonus
During the event, capsuleers can unlock the PLEX refund privilege by spending AUR. The refund rates of PLEX will be based on the capsuleer's total spending during the event.
Refund Currency Type: PLEX
All refunded PLEX will be issued to capsuleers by mail after the event. The event page data will only display the statistics.

Interstellar Bazaar: Starry Carnival
All Corporation members can unlock the option bonus for the entire Corporation when the accumulated Luck obtained from the Lucky Chest during the event reaches the specified thresholds. Every capsuleer in the Corporation can join the fun and share the rewards.

Shattered Bombardment: Event Manual
Opening Time: June 19, 2024, 08:00 - July 10, 2024, 08:00 (UTC+0)
Shattered Bombardment: Event Manual is now available!
Complete the Missions to obtain bountiful rewards. Unlock the Manual to obtain plenty of extra Observation Data, Bomber Battleship Opt Box, Cosmic Treasure Opt Supply, and other great rewards.
Cosmic Treasure Opt Supply: Based on feedback from Capsuleers that high-value items have low freedom of choice, this supply allows Capsuleers to choose from various valuable items (including encrypted supplies for CyanSea, Lancer Dreadnought, and Lucent-Moon, as well as the Neon Gas Capital Ship Nanocore Opt Box) based on their needs.

Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.  
Adjusted the display order of special rigs in the ship fitting window.
Optimized the descriptions of skills like Lancer and Team Combat.
Optimized the descriptions of the Warp Disruptor, Warp Scrambler, and Yan-Jung Defense System Refactoring.
Reduced the collision model of the Retreat Stargate in the Dormant Realm.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where ships might not appear fully repaired after being repaired at a station.
Fixed an issue where the Nyx's Defense Jammer Burst Bonus was not working.
Fixed an issue where the speed bonus of Villain and Astarte Lightweight Ships was not working.
Fixed an issue where there might be one fighter not loaded when loading fighters.
Fixed an issue where Nanocores might not be shown in the mail interface.

The Scope